Cream & Sugar

I wish I liked my coffee black. It just seems cooler, you know? And tougher. Like I could star in one of the crime dramas on tv (I love those!) and interrogate criminals with a styrofoam cup of the hard stuff and call people “punk.” Okay, maybe not. But still, it would be cooler if I liked my coffee black.

But I don’t. I find it bitter and harsh and generally unpalatable (even the really good stuff!), and wimpy though I be, I have to add a little “sumpin’ sumpin'” before it can become that cup of life-sustaining wonder that gets me through every day!

Introducing Cream & Sugar posts!

While I was stirring my umpteenth “cuppa” coffee this morning, I was struck by the thought that this is often how life works, too. Some days are bitter and harsh and unpalatable…a swing and a miss, a rejection, a moment where the voices of doubt gain a bit of purchase and yell a little louder than usual. And then I look up and see the sweetness. Maybe it’s remembering how very very very lucky I am and the gratitude I feel for my innumerable blessings. Maybe it’s Justin’s smile and his hand on mine. Maybe it’s Pickle snoring loud enough to wake the dead at my feet while I work on my computer (it’s funny every single time). Each of these little grains of sweetness added to my life are what make it good to the last drop, what cut the sometimes bitter flavor of a not-so-perfect day, and make my life the joyous, wondrous thing that it is.

And I want to share some of that sweetness with you. So I’m bringing you some of my cream & sugar…sometimes it will be stuff I currently love, sometimes it will be something I found inspiring, but it will always be something that makes my days a little brighter, a little sweeter.

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