What a Piece of Work Is…Hamlet!!

Okay, okay…ignore my attempts at literary humor! As if I weren’t already floored by the kids that I was fortunate enough to get to know in El Salvador, it turns out that they all have gobs of talent on top of giving hearts and awesome work ethics! I was invited down to Keene, New Hampshire to watch their high school’s production of Hamlet: Electrified & Deconstructed and cannot rave loudly enough about how amazing it was!! Many from the El Salvador crew took part and it was great to get a peek at some new faces as well- what an incredibly talented group!!! Seriously. Awesome.

I was invited to come backstage a snag a few shots behind-the-scenes…

The show was full of original music…did I mention how freaking talented these kids are??? Amazing!

Getting all sorts of riled up before the show!

The whole cast & crew!

I was only permitted to photograph while music was playing (didn’t want the sound of my shutter to disrupt!), so bear with the lack of images of the performance! But I managed to snag a few!

Amazing, amazing job, you guys!! Seriously incredible!!! Thanks so much for having me!!

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