Stealing Away For A Few Days!

Wedding season is amazing. And inspiring. And full of so much love. And breathtakingly beautiful. And busy. Seriously, seriously busy.

So this year, before life gets too out of hand and the gorgeous weather passes us by, we’ve decided to steal away into the woods for a few technology-free days together! We want to walk in the woods without hearing the sounds of passing cars or the beeps of email alerts. We want to rise and set with the sun and feel the wind and hear the rustle of the treetops. We want to feel for a moment like we are the only ones in the world all while being reminded of the smallness of our lives in the grand scheme of time and space and the universe. We want to talk to one another without distraction or interruption or some aspect of modern life intruding.

Mostly, we want to have fun!!

I will be out of touch from Saturday {June 2} through Thursday {June 7th}. Please forgive my delays in responding to your calls and emails and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can after my return!! Have a wonderful week!

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