Cream & Sugar: We’ve Got Worms!

C’mon, you’ve seen Dumb & Dumber, right? Well, we do have worms! Red wigglers as a matter of fact! And they are happily munching away on our spent coffee grounds and veggie food scraps as I write, turning them into super-rich compost and liquid fertilizer for that vertical garden we’re so proud of! It may not be glamourous, but Justin and I are pretty game to try anything once and so far this hasn’t turned out to be nearly as weird as we thought it would be!

It all began when we wandered into Shift, a seriously awesome shop on Maine Street in Brunswick (right next door to Frosty’s donuts…if you haven’t tried Frosty’s yet, you probably shouldn’t since you will never be able to come within a 10 mile radius without going in and gorging on the best cruellers you’ve ever tasted!). Anywhoo, we were wandering about Shift, oohing and ahhing over the array of fantastic books, bulk eco-friendly cleaning products, the impressive inventory of great canning jars, etc and ended up staring at the display of red wiggler worms. Corie, and eventually Rob, wandered over and a conversation ranging from the amazing benefits of worm composting to living in small homes to how to harvest our broccoli raab ensued and we were smitten. With Corie & Rob, with Shift, and yes, with the idea of having our very own little red wiggler worm farm! So we happily purchased three chinese-take-out containers full of our little darlings and some coconut fiber bricks to make bedding for them and, armed with Corie & Rob’s directions and assurances, we went home to begin!

We began with a spare plastic bin we had lying in the basement between uses and drilled holes for air and a drainage hole so we can pour out the “compost tea” that will keep our veggie plants fat and happy! Then we {you do realize that by “we” I mean Justin, right?} built a little decking from scraps of wood we had lying around and covered it with a layer of landscape fabric so that there would be a little area for the liquid to collect at the bottom without becoming a gunky mess…

By soaking the compressed brick with water, it broke apart easily and became light, fluffy bedding with texture similar to peat moss (but sustainable)!

From there we added the worms and our under-sink compost pail’s worth of coffee grounds and veggie food scraps, put the lid on, and put our wigglers in the basement where the cool humid air will keep them munching happily away!

And just for the record, it doesn’t stink (Corie & Rob assured us it wouldn’t, but we were worried anyway!)…it doesn’t smell like anything but damp dirt! Yay! And we’re only a few weeks into this little project, but I’m seriously impressed by how much these guys can eat! It’s insane!

We’re headed to Philadephia for Jenn & Brett‘s amazing wedding at The Morris House Hotel! Happy Friday!!

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