2013 Goals: The Big List

As I promised yesterday, I’m sharing my revised 2013 goals with you…just in time for February! I realize that my personal goals for 2013 aren’t necessarily riveting reading, but in the spirit of accountability, I want to put them out there publicly! I am going to keep things somewhat general (there is a detailed task list associated with almost all of these goals), but that could get pretty dense (and quite boring!)!

So without further ado (or procrastination) (or excuses)…


  • Eat organically grown, healthy food: have 75% of food come from the farmer’s market, CSA share, my garden, or a local farm via the grocery store; no factory farmed animal products; all organic
  • Yoga: attend a Freeport Yoga class (any class!) 1-3x per week; develop personal daily home practice
  • Running: run 3x per week minimum; stay injury-free; possibly (?) begin training for a 2014 marathon (subject to staying injury free)
  • Keep up with exercise even when things get busy- make it a priority and remember that I’m more focused, happy, and productive when I’ve exercised!

Friends & Family

  • Get organized- remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc and send cards/gifts ON TIME! Gifts should be meaningful and personal and well thought out.
  • Initiate spending time together- reach out and make dates to meet for coffee/etc without agenda, just to catch up and spend time
  • Call & write handwritten letters…regularly! Show the people in my life that I love them!
  • Take time away from my work to eat dinner with Justin every night
  • Prioritize my marriage- when I don’t have shoots/weddings scheduled, take the weekends off to spend time doing FUN things with Justin and building memories and shared experiences together
  • Focus on making “down time” = quality down time…TV is fine, but spending that time engaged in conversation or reading with Justin or doing something purposefully  stimulating/relaxing rather than a veg-out default more often
  • Organize & put together family photos & home videos- share a copy with each family member

Learning/ Growth

  • Develop a creative outlet separate from (but complimentary to) photography- take an art class of some sort (Maine College of Art?)
  • Continue to learn sewing skills- work on a more advanced project with an instructor
  • Languages- complete Rosetta Stone for French in its entirety this year + read 1 novel in French (dictionary allowed)
  • Writing- complete The Making of a Story textbook in its entirety
  • Photography- take a photography workshop not related to wedding/portrait photography…work on new perspectives & fresh skills; read 1 photography related book per month
  • Finish online herbal remedies class


  • embrace ritual- get in the habit of taking a moment of reflection and gratitude as well as seek out ritual that furthers a sense of connection
  • Meditation: find a method of mindfulness meditation that works; take at least 5 min per day to practice
  • embrace the mental and spiritual aspects of health and healing…visualization, etc

Service/ Financial Giving

  • Cuppa- continue CancerCare donations; establish Dempsey Center/ Dempsey Challenge program
  • Explore and develop an action plan for using photography to tell the story of (a) a non-profit; (b) a person/group of people in need of assistance or public awareness; (c) fundraise for a worthy cause or causes
  • Reach out to non-profits with which I’m interested in working and establish how to become more involved in a sustainable way
  • Create product for the families in El Salvador that we worked with {framed images for the new homes, community book , etc?}


  • Write. Something. Every. Day. 
  • Outline project ideas
  • Join a writing group?


  • create and expand my travel photography portfolio
  • learn to manage travel time in a productive and satisfying way {ie- use flights to do more than catch up on magazines!}
  • El Salvador- set some photographic goals for Feb trip
  • Ireland- create some beautiful travel photographs; capture the story of Justin & my trip; take time to sketch & write & absorb new experiences; go for a run on Dingle; fly by the seat of our pants and have adventures
  • Reach out to a non-profit/NGO/etc and offer services- go somewhere, anywhere with purpose of photography & expanding my aid photography work
  • Make better use of the interesting places in our immediate area: visit at least 6 New England historic sites & camp/backpack in a new park


  • Review last year’s garden journal and apply lessons in planning our 2013 garden
  • Maximize small space- talk with Corie at Shift and Martha at Wealden Farm about how to better utilize our vertical garden space so that it’s more productive
  • Apply knowledge from online herbal remedies class- grow/ dry/ preserve/ use herbal teas/infusions/etc {begin with chamomile, mint, and maybe lemon balm + wild gather medicinal barks, etc}
  • Put up more seasonal food…buy pressure canner?
  • Complete stairwell frame walls: remove popcorn ceiling & replace with beadboard; replace light fixture; paint; hang frames and art
  • Build a new coffee table
  • De-clutter: systematically  begin with attic and go room by room down to basement and ruthlessly sell/donate/trash everything non-essential
  • Evaluate office space and consider re-organizing or re-decorating to better maximize space
  • Thoroughly map out major kitchen renovation project {to happen 2015?}


  • Revise and redesign all client materials {Pricing & product guides, etc}
  • Streamline workflow and nail down any inefficiencies
  • Improve user experience on website {have a custom site designed?}
  • Do a styled shoot
  • Establish quarterly newsletter
  • Seek publication of every wedding + have at least one real wedding feature in a high quality print magazine
  • Embrace social media in a more meaningful way and utilize some form of it daily to create a better connection to my clients’ lives
  • Blog at least 3x per week
  • Set monthly skill goals
  • Get materials to bookkeeper on time every month
  • Create job description for assistant to hire 2014
  • Look into expanding into stock/editorial photography (?)

Phew. It’s a lot. And it’s random. And it’s likely that by the end of 2013 I will have modified almost everything to some extent to reflect new opportunities and experiences. But there it is in a nutshell…a revised look at what I intend to do with my 2013!

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  • MomJanuary 29, 2013 - 11:48 am

    Hey what happened to the other one you told me about!!!:)ReplyCancel

  • Liz and RyanJanuary 29, 2013 - 11:43 am

    Love everything about this!! Yay for putting it out there! 😉 Here’s to an AMAZING 2013!!!ReplyCancel

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