The Stevenson Family- She’s Arrived!!

You may remember the Stevensons from their sweet maternity session! As I mentioned then, Jennie and Rebekah are two of our dearest friends and we could not be more excited that their amazing family has grown by one! Their perfect new addition has the most fabulous shock of red hair and this wide-eyed expression of curiosity and wonder…I guess the daughter of two brilliant scientists would HAVE to be observant, wouldn’t she!?! I’m so tempted to go on and on here, but I’ll just have to stop here so that you can see her perfection for yourself!

Baby bits!!!
I just love her slightly cross-eyed expressions!!


Willie came over to say hi…she wasn’t concerned in the slightest!

Her two older siblings are still deciding what to make of her, but they think she’s okay for now!

Jennie & Rebekah…we could NOT be happier for you both! We love you guys and your warm, welcoming, amazing home!!!

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  • JoseOctober 28, 2015 - 7:37 am

    oh Anita! i know. sooo excited to use it and work it and be a bteter photo person. i have a tough time admitting to be a ‘photographer’. i just feel more like i am lucky. my blog has brought me to photography. i am still learning. yes, i was and is a member of pinterest for over a year now. in fact pinterest got me thinking about having my own blog. however, i just had myself as the ‘board holder’ but now i have edited it and made it ‘simple sequins’ as the name rather than my own. i lovelovelove pinterest. i have to make myself stay off of it because i get too addicted [spend way too much time there] one night i stayed up til 5 am pinning and pinning and pinning. see = bad! but the other night while making that post i realized i could click on each photo and make it bigger prior to coping it. that was new to me. so i had big pics to paste, which was much bteter than straining to view them. that was great fun. have a peaceful day! i am a bit overwhelmed today with exhaustion of yesterday and making the purchase [sear charge account][bleh but had to] i was too sad and my HM couldn’t stand to see me so sad. but one big reason he did it was i have a income option in the works. more details on that to follow. tripod: thanks for the suggestions. HM doesn’t want me to use the camera until i have a tripod [for times shots anyway]. how tall is yours? they had 50″ ones but i am 5’5″ and we thought it needs to be at least a 5′ high one. no?create, rest and create further, my helpful friend!!! renaeReplyCancel

  • RoxyFebruary 6, 2013 - 5:38 pm

    Congratulations to Jennie & Rebekah! I love these pictures, and how well you captured the joy of this precious baby girl arriving, Cindy. And go Rebekah for representing – Tarheels!ReplyCancel

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