Eastern Europe: Prague, Czech Republic

The finale of my trip was Prague, the magical city in the heart of the Czech Republic! For a girl who loves history as much as I do, this was a seriously amazing place, complete with remnants of city walls and gate towers dating back to the 13th century!

The road to Prague from Vienna was lined with vineyard after vineyard, all in bloom…

We began our visit with Prague Castle, which of course included the famous changing of the Guard!

Prague is a tremendously beautiful city and simply walking around and taking in the architecture and people is an experience in itself!

You know I never miss an opportunity for great coffee!

One of the optional excursions that Go Ahead offers on this trip is a private tour and concert of the incredible Chateau Synchrov!

After our intimate tour of the house, we were treated to a private concert by the AMAZING Trio 75 whose performance was truly a one of a kind experience. They were incredible.

Like in Budapest, I chose to get up before the sun one morning and check out Prague in the early hours! This time I had the wonderful company of a fellow traveler and we had a ball exploring the city in its quiet awakening!
The sun was hidden behind overcast skies this time, but we still reveled in having the Charles Bridge virtually to ourselves!

The Old Town Square was another place that was just insane to experience without the throngs of people who flock to see the famous astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall

Like much of the rest of Eastern Europe, there are signs of the struggle against communism tucked in among the sites. At Wenceslas Square, there are small monuments to protesters who gave their lives, and I was again moved by how active the monuments are…flowers and stones mark how the Czechs of Prague haven’t forgotten their history.

During the day, the Charles Bridge fills with artists and musicians…it’s a bustle that you don’t want to miss!

Another optional excursion that Go Ahead offers is a tour of Prague’s Jewish Quarter, Josefov. It was absolutely fantastic! Several of the old synagogues have been turned into amazing museums, including an extremely powerful holocaust memorial. {I, understandably, wasn’t permitted to photograph inside any of the synagogues}

The Old Jewish Cemetery was just incredible.
A group of us made it over to check out the famous Lennon Wall, a constantly evolving symbol of freedom of expression and love that has stood for decades!

We made our way to Petrin Hill, complete with its famous tower and funicular! We happened to be there for the May Day festival and the mood of the park was just ridiculously fun!

These rolled pastries, called trdelniks, are cooked over open coals and then dusted with cinnamon and sugar…SO scrumptious!!

St. Vitus Cathedral is another don’t miss site!

Like in Budapest and Vienna, our tour director Paul used his expertise to facilitate yet another food and dancing experience that was just a blast! Food and traditional Czech music and dance made for an entertaining evening!

That wraps up my incredible Eastern Europe experience!! I’m SO grateful to have been given this assignment by the oh-so-awesome Go Ahead Tours!! Happy Monday!!

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  • Jim RappJune 17, 2013 - 11:48 am

    Thank you for calling last night. Cindy, I always love to hear what is going on with you and Justin. I also love the beautiful photographs. You capture so much life and history and culture in your work. You make it look more like play! Try not to kill yourself this wedding season, Sweetie! You are always in my thoughts. Love, DadReplyCancel

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