Team Cuppa Member Profile: Shelley Snodgrass!

We are a mere FOUR weeks away from this year’s Dempsey Challenge and I want to share a little with you about each of the amazing people who make up this year’s Team Cuppa! As many of you know, Team Cuppa was able to raise more than $5000 last year in support of The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing, an integrative medicine and support center that offers a vast amount of services to ANYONE affected by cancer absolutely and entirely free of charge. It is a truly amazing and inspiring place and I am so proud to have Cuppa be involved! This year, I’ve asked our team members to share a little about what has motivated them to take part in The Dempsey Challenge and how cancer has touched their life. Shelley so beautifully wrote the following:

Running is typically a solo endeavor for me. It is a way to wake up and get focused at the start of a new day. I use it to clear my head at the end of a stressful day. And sometimes it becomes sacred time and space where I can work through thoughts or problems.

On Saturday, September 27th my run will become our run. I will be running together with hundreds of others to remember loved ones, celebrate successes and to raise money and awareness for The Dempsey Cancer Center. The thing that impresses me about this organization is that it was started by one Maine family experiencing the challenges of fighting cancer and recognizing a need for support in their community. It is amazing to me that their vision has touched and inspired so many to take part in this event.

My partner, Peter, and I lost some dear friends, Rick and Cheryl, to cancer. We think of them often. They were a couple who truly knew how to enjoy life and cherish family and friends. One of the things that Rick and I shared was a love of plants and gardening. Each time I saw him he had some new tidbits of information to share with me. He would send me home with catalogs marked by dogeared pages and hand written notes. We shared knowledge and memories that I will forever carry with me when I step into my garden.

I am grateful to also have friends who have battled cancer with positive outcomes. We celebrate their success and hope that with continued support of organizations like the Dempsey Center there will always be access to the resources that patients need for successful results.

Photo by Shelley Snodgrass

Photo by Shelley Snodgrass

To support Shelley’s Dempsey Challenge run, visit her fundraising page here! {She is also auctioning off a piece of her incredible artwork to donors, so be sure to check it out and donate a few bucks!}

To join or supportĀ Team Cuppa, you can visit the team page here!

To learn about how and why Cuppa is involved (and how you can earn product credit by joining us!), read this!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your support!!!!!!!!!

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