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Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Well, there’s nothing more fun than your wedding day, and as many a bride & groom can attest, the day often feels as though it flies by in a blur! As often happens, Emma and Steve were having a blast getting some fabulous wedding day portraits when it was time to head back to their guests and the rest of the fantastic party that was their reception! Feeling like they wanted more, we decided to do a “day after” session in order to continue the fun as well as have some time to get portraits in some settings that there simply wasn’t time to include on the wedding day! These sessions are SO much fun and a wonderful excuse to get another wear out of your wedding attire!

We began the day back at the Hartley Mason Reserve in York, Maine, where Emma and Steve held their ceremony!We wanted to have a little more time with the vintage BMW motorcycle that Steve rebuilt and that served as the “getaway car” after their ceremony! So awesome!

So beautiful!!!

Seriously- gorgeous, right?!?!?

From there, we headed to Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, Massachusetts! I just love the rustic feel and Emma’s bright blazer!!

Emma and Steve brought some stunning handmade Venetian masks home from their honeymoon, so we just HAD to use them! So fantastic!

From the park, we decided to finish the day at Joe’s Arcade in Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts…we had a blast playing skeeball, eating ice cream and cotton candy, and just goofing off!! So fun!!

Skee ball!!

Thank you guys so much for an awesome day!!

Taylor & Ryan’s gorgeous Miami wedding is up next!!

Choosing just a couple of images for this peek felt impossible! There were just too many amazing ones to pick from!! Before I give too much away, here is just the tiniest peek at Emma and Steve’s AWESOME day after session!!!

Be safe if you’re traveling for the holiday!! Happy Wednesday!

If you missed Kristina and Skeets’s detail filled wedding in South Portland, be sure to check it out here (or here, here, or here!)! It was SO much fun!! Like all weddings, however, it was over in the blink of an eye, a blur of family and friends and laughter! While we actually had more time than usual for some fun portraits of the newlyweds on their wedding day, the draw of their guests and reception still cut the photos short and so Kristina and Skeets wisely chose to do a “Day After” session the following week! Not only an excuse to wear the dress one more time, Day After sessions are so relaxed and fun…they are a chance to take some fabulous portraits in locations that might have been too far from the wedding venue, there is no worry about keeping the dress spotless, and because no guests are waiting, the pace is leisurely and spontaneous! I’m a huge fan (as you might have guessed from my own Day After session!)!

We began back at the Spring Point Light in South Portland and the surrounding fort!

I mentioned how insanely gorgeous I think these two are, right? Like a million times? But seriously…GORGEOUS!

We headed over to Kettle Cove for a little fun with a parasol…

…and then to Deering Oaks Park to play with pinwheels!

For our final destination of the day, we chose Littlejohn Island!

Love this one!

Kristina & Skeets!! You guys are just TOO awesome!! Thank you so so much for being so utterly fabulous!!!