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There are just no words for the fun level of this family. They know how to play together…and I mean, play hard.

We met on a warm summer afternoon on the banks of the Truckee River and had a little fun while they were on vacation at Lake Tahoe…

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.” ~Cesare Pavese

Justin on Katahdin in Baxter State Park!

Justin on Katahdin in Baxter State Park!

Hello there!! I will be out of my office hiking around in northern India {away from my computer and internet and email and phone calls and social media} for the better part of the next two weeks! I will be back to work on Monday, September 29!

I beg your patience until I return and look forward to talking with you then!!

August has arrived suddenly and I admit that it took me somewhat by surprise. July was full of visitors and adventures and truly felt like summer in all its splendor, complete with campfires and good food and the ringing laughter of friends. The days have been long and I’ve gloried in late evening runs in the forest as the shadows stretch taut in golden light that has seemed to hover, reluctant to yield to the night.

In summers past, I’ve slowly bowed under the weight of my workload grown heavy and bursting with the wedding season, eventually supplanting the woodsy runs and evenings on the deck with extended  hours at my computer, not realizing that creativity requires rest and fuel to thrive. I vowed that this year would be different, that I would discipline myself to protect the stores of energy required to flourish, to create, to offer my loved ones and my clients the best I have to give. It’s been a struggle at times, counterintuitive to step away from work to be more productive, to set aside guilt (and perhaps a bit of ego?) at allowing my work day to end after eight or ten hours rather than twelve or fifteen. It’s the dirty little secret about entrepreneurship that goes largely unspoken: that there is always more work to do and it is up to you, and you alone, as business owner to draw the line. That part of responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship rests on the ability to draw that line and step away so that day after day it is possible to truly show up and do your best work.

So this summer, when a long lost friend came back into my life after more than twenty years, I relished our hours of conversation over good food and great beer and a few ice cream cones without guilt. When our dear friends made the eight hour drive from their home to ours to spend a long weekend “glamping” in our backyard to introduce their daughter to the joys of sleeping in a tent, I closed my office door and opened myself to the cool coastal breeze and the hilarity of a toddler discovering the wider world. When the opportunity to  lay my own head down beneath the veil of a tent wall beside the roar of a rushing river and in the shadow of a glorious mountain came, it was without hesitation that I grabbed my journal and my camera and the hand of that amazing man I married and we set out for Baxter to soak in white water and scramble on Katahdin.

August has arrived suddenly and I admit that I am feeling the very first fleeting twinges of craving the crisp air of fall, despite last year’s long winter. Soon the leaves will start to show yellow at their tips and the pumpkins still green on their vines will deepen into burnt orange. The bikes and skateboards littering our neighbors’ yards will get stowed as the kids head back to school and our attention will return to the routines we shrugged off during our summer fling with the fleeting warmth. Soon the summer will end and another autumn will begin and the cycle will continue to its next season, unyielding.

But not yet.



Our guide from the Kennebec…


Showing Lisa around Maine…complete with lobster rolls at the Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster, ice cream custard from Mainely Custard, and a stop at the Harbor Fish Market before she headed home!

Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-004Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-005Justin ran the Bear Brook trail marathon…which was somewhere around 29 mi rather than the traditional 26.2…technically an ultra, right?
Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-006Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-007Seriously…those red curls. ‘Nuff said.

Justin and I met while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail back in 2003. While he completed the more than 2,000 mile trek and had his moment on Mt. Katahdin, I had to end my hike short of the summit. She’s a glorious mountain and we had a phenomenal hike up after a day spent paddling on the Penobscot and camping by the river.


“I have created fire!”Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-016Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-017Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-018Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-019Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-020Maine_Photographer_Baxter_Katahdin_camping_July-021

In my book, there is simply nothing in the world so glorious as waking to the sound and sights of misty moving water. Nothing.



It might not be the end of a thru-hike for us, but the sign is still pretty cool! Especially knowing that approximately 1,800 miles south of where we were standing is a little A.T. shelter where we once said hello for the very first time, not realizing that we’d just changed the trajectory of our lives.


Go, my friends, and soak in the last of the summer sun!!!


I am woefully behind on my blogging…I blame these gorgeous summer days that have so suddenly come to shine down on us here in Maine! It feels impossible to stay indoors some afternoons and I admit that I have been looking for every excuse to take my camera outside to play in the wind and sunshine! But I have SO MUCH that I’m excited to share coming up!!! I wanted to leave you with a little peek for the weekend so here’s a little preview of what’s coming up in the next week or two!! Brea and Blaine were married on Saturday at the GORGEOUS Hidden Pond. Despite a questionable forecast, the day was just beautiful…though that might just have been Brea’s radiance blinding me! I’ll save my gushing, but seriously…awesome.  MainePhotographer-001MainePhotographer-002MainePhotographer-003MainePhotographer-004Terry is the yogic genius behind Freeport Yoga Company and I spent an amazing morning with her at Wolfe’s Neck…I’m excited to do some standup paddle yoga pics with her soon as well, so this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of her! Also, if you are local, she  is hosting a fabulous 108 Sun Salutations workshop to celebrate the Solstice this weekend and the talented Moriah Salter will be accompanying the practice with her soulful original music! Don’t miss it!!!MainePhotographer-005MainePhotographer-006Last week I had the pleasure of heading up to Deer Isle to meet up with Goldie and Johnson for their engagement photos! I’m so excited for their French’s Point wedding next month and can’t wait to share this adorable couple with you guys!MainePhotographer-007MainePhotographer-008MainePhotographer-009Do you remember Roger from his last shoot? Well, after his Sunburnt single did so well, he’s heading to Nashville this fall and will be recording a full album, so we met up to grab some new photos to go with his new tunes!!MainePhotographer-010MainePhotographer-011

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, y’all!!!! Happy Friday!!!!

Be Still.

Such a simple directive, right? Be still. Be still. Be still.

So why is it so crazy hard to do?

Between grocery lists and household tasks and emails to answer and goals to reach, the chatter in my brain is constant and unceasing. It keeps me in never-ending motion as I rush from one thing to the next, updating Facebook in the checkout line, scribbling writing ideas in my journal while I wait for images to upload, saving my phone conversations for multi-tasking car rides.

Be still.

I am a better me when I cultivate stillness. I am more patient, more forgiving, more productive, more focused. I am a better listener, a better wife, a better friend. I am happier and more grateful.

I am more PRESENT.

When I imagine being still, I immediately think of meditation. Of sitting in unmoving silence and focusing on the rhythm of my breath. Which is amazing and which I am unswervingly convinced has enormous merit as I have worked to establish a meditation practice that works for me over the past several months.

But what if stillness doesn’t always look still?

I am never EVER more still than when I look upon a river. From a raft or a kayak or the river bank, the sight and roar of thousands of gallons of water tumbling over rock and riverbed quiets me. My frenetic mind stills to crystal clear focus as the irresistible current sweeps aside worry and stress and the ever-beeping demands of emails and texts and social media. It washes me clean of the “shoulds” and “supposed tos” and “not good enoughs” and “but what ifs.”

It wakes me up and opens my eyes and fills my heart beyond the reach of distraction. It tunes me in to the primeval  pulse of life and death and existence and refuses to let me shy away, to retreat into the mundane.

The call of the mountains, the rustle of the trees, the roar of the river, the thunder on the hills. It’s a different stillness than I find on my meditation cushion, but a stillness nonetheless.