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I first met with the Pumo family a few years ago when I shot a portrait session with them on their annual vacation in Maine from their home in Miami, Florida! We’ve maintained contact over the years and I was so thrilled when Lissette reached out for this year’s vacation to shoot some maternity portraits with their growing family! Despite a drizzly day, we had a great time playing by the rocky coastline and then moving to a nearby woodsy pond! Without further ado…the Pumo family!


Jennie and Rebekah are two of my very favorite people in the entire world! Jennie, as a matter of fact, was the officiant at Justin and my wedding and neither of us can imagine having had anyone else say the words that officially made us a family! And speaking of families…I can’t tell you how excited I was to capture a slice of Jennie & Rebekah’s life as they awaited the coming of their daughter, who happily made her debut with the new year! These two amazing, brilliant, talented women have created a home and family that is warm, welcoming, and full of humor and exceptional love!

I lack the vocabulary to fully articulate how much I love this family, so we’ll just have to settle for photos instead!!

Morning, Sunshine!!

Off to the Farmer’s Market!

Saturday morning grocery shopping!

Home to the fur-babies and breakfast!

Summer is just double checking to make sure nothing happened to land in her bowl…just in case…

Love love love this shot…

Such a great yard, complete with swing set, thriving garden, and crazy dogs!

Willie’s expression is just hysterical!!

Scientists to the last…there is no such thing as too much research!

We love you guys so much!!! Thank you for everything you bring to the world around you, including amazing new little humans!! Love love love!!!

I am so sorry for going MIA on you guys! Between a fab trip to Texas to see my Mom, fighting with some computer issues, and just plain ol’ life getting in the way, things got a little hectic there! But I’m back and have all sorts of fun to share with you, beginning with this amazing maternity session!!

You may remember the gorgeous Mrs. M from the fantastic boudoir session she scheduled right after she learned that she was expecting!

I just love her smile (and those awesome mittens!!!)

SOOOOO gorgeous!!!

I love it when Dad’s get involved in maternity photos…Mr. T is so proud of his soon-to-be-mama! So sweet!

The whole family!


M and T wanted to have a little fun with the fact that they chose not to learn the baby’s gender…so cute!!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful session, you guys!! I can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family…any day now!!!:)

I’ve been coping with a small Photoshop crisis this week and am a little behind getting last week’s Durham fun to you guys, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to wet your whistle with a peek or two at what’s coming your way!!

Is there anything cuter than a smiley expectant mama and her sweet puppy’s “I’m-not-at-all-sure-about-this-whole-baby-thing” expression?!?

Or how about a love story that began way back in elementary school?

SO fun!! I can’t wait to get you guys the rest!! Stay tuned!

This session was extra special since Bridgett and Jeff are my sister and brother-in-law!!! We had such a fantastic time capturing these images of Bridgett’s final days of pregnancy…just a few days later the newest member of the family made her appearance! You will get to meet her soon, but in the meantime, enjoy!
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
How cute are they together!?!
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
I hope the baby gets Bridgett’s incredible hair color!
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
I love this shot of Bridgett trying to get a good look at her belly!
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
I love the summery look of these even though it was late December! Ahhh, the wonders of cheesecloth!!
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
Maternity, Pregnancy, Photography, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina

We love you guys!!