The “beep beep” of a freshly brewed pot of coffee is what finally gets me out of bed every morning.

A steaming mug of spiced cider signals the start of another crisp autumn filled with vibrantly colored leaves and a renewed sense of home.

The singing tea kettle is the opening soundtrack to an afternoon of laughter, conversation, and love.

No matter the season, there is something deeply comforting about a warm mug cupped in two hands that spans time and emotion. I hope that the images of Cuppa Photography will do the same.

I often wonder if so many of my most precious childhood memories consist of the actual events themselves or of the photographs of them that I’ve seen so many times. My wedding day flew by in a blur, and while I remembered moments, it was the images that I received from my photographer that brought my day back to life for me…and still does. It is that one framed photo of my family hanging in my hallway that has given me strength at times when I’ve lacked it.

I believe that good photography does more than document a moment in your life. It should capture the whole story- all of the big exuberant emotions as well as those that are quieter but just as profound.

It should capture the the exchange between the two of you that signals that this is a marriage that will make it for the long haul.

Or the look on your child’s face that gives you a preview of the person she is to become.

I hope that someday, when you are arguing over whose turn it is to wash the dishes, he glances over your shoulder and spots that framed image of your first dance…and agrees that it’s his turn.

I hope that when you are celebrating your daughter’s graduation, the newborn photos that I captured are pulled out and flipped through, and that they bring you right back to that moment when the two of you first said hello.

So go grab a “cuppa” something warm and steamy. Whether your preference is a healthy mug of green tea and honey, or, like me, you lean toward the more heavily caffeinated dark roasts, I just know that the images that you and I create together will be something that you pull out time and time again over tea, over coffee, over smiles, and over tears.

So let’s see what we can brew up…
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