Time has this way of marching forward relentlessly. One day you are sharing the news of your first pregnancy and the next you are putting them on a bus for their first day of school.

I’m not interested in trying to get your four crazy sons to sit still in a line with their hands folded. I don’t want a shot of your daughter that makes her look like a porcelain doll. I want to capture your kids and your family as they truly are. Right now.

Maybe that means we head out to the woods and play on the trails. Or get our toes wet in the surf. Maybe we head to your favorite ice cream shop and let the kids order whatever they want…there’s nothing like bubble gum or blue “raspberry” flavored ice cream to add a pop of color after all!

There’s a chance we’ll get dirty. And sticky. And maybe we take our time because sometimes it takes just a minute to get past the shyness. Or wait for your newborn to fall asleep or be fed. And that’s okay.

Great, in fact.

If you are looking for pristine, studio-style shots of your family, I am definitely not the right photographer for you.

But if you are looking for a pause button to capture your life and your family as they really are right now, being themselves, having a ball, and doing what they do, then shoot me an email so we can talk! I’d love to spend an afternoon with you!

Family {including maternity and newborn} collections begin at $250…please use the “Contact” form above to inquire about further information!