Frequently Asked Wedding Questions!

Have some questions? See if any of these fit the bill!

Have you always known that you wanted to be a photographer?

Sure didn’t! After many years working as an outdoor guide, I was actually in my third year of law school when I picked up a camera for the first time! It took approximately three clicks of the shutter button to have me utterly hooked and I’ve never looked back! The deep sense of satisfaction and pure joy that I gain from getting to really know my clients, have them share their lives with me, and then have the ability to press this gigantic pause button to capture this time in their lives forever is something I may never be able to fully articulate! I love my work!

What’s your photographic style?

In a word? Real. I want more than a portfolio of perfectly coordinated images because I believe in more than perfectly coordinated couples! Seersucker suits and pastel bow ties? Love it! Black leather Converse and a rock and roll theme? Love that too!! Why does it work? Because I don’t photograph just bow ties and Converse, I photograph people. Real people. People I get to know and spend time with. People who often become friends. People who are deeply in love and eternally connected and who are celebrating that love in ways that are so meaningful to them. So it’s real smiles and real tears I chase. Real life and real love. Because real never goes out of style.

Do you shoot weddings every single weekend?

No way! I accept a limited number of weddings per year in order to keep a good balance between my personal and work life as well as make sure that I have both the time and energy to get to know each one of my clients and all those things that make them special!! I think that having a good fit is absolutely critical to my creating wedding images that a couple will love for a lifetime, and accept only clients that I feel confident are a great match with my personality and shooting style!

But I don’t live in Maine! Do you travel?

Travel? I love to travel!! I have photographed weddings from Maine to Miami and love the opportunity to photograph in a new place!! Simply email me and I can create a custom travel quote for you!

Your Basic Brew includes an engagement session, but we don’t really want one, so can we take it out of the package?

I believe that engagement sessions play a huge role in great wedding photos!! As a matter of fact, I think they are nearly essential! We have an opportunity to hang out and not only get to know each other, but what it’s like to work together! You get a feel for how I direct and shoot and I get a feel for how you move and respond to my camera! We get comfortable, figure out what works, and move past the awkward stage while having a ton of fun! When your wedding day comes around, we get to just pick up where we left off, comfortable and knowing what to do as well as knowing what some of our favorite moves are! And the perk is that you end up with some beautiful images of the two of you! Sounds like a win-win to me! If it truly impossible to do an engagement session, I will work with you to try to meet your needs or requests, but please note that the cost of The Basic Brew will not be reduced.

How soon after our wedding day will we be able to see our images?

I totally understand how excited you are to see your wedding photos once the big day is done! While I want you to have them as quickly as possible, I don’t want you to have anything less than my best work! My average turnaround time is four to eight weeks, depending on the time of year, the size and length of the wedding, and the number of photographs shot.

How did you and Justin meet?

We met while hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2003! It was the first full day of rain that either of us had seen on the Trail and I was already snuggled into my sleeping bag scribbling in my trail journal when this super cute guy came through the door soaked to the bone and grinning from ear to ear. I was a goner.

No? I didn’t answer the question you have burning? Well, then, by all means- shoot me an email {} and I’ll get right on it!!