Giving Back

I am fortunate. More fortunate than I can begin to express. Among the many many things to be grateful for in my wonderful, fulfilling life is that I survived cancer.

Now, I don’t have a crazy dramatic story about coming back from the edge or making a miraculous recovery. There was no soundtrack or applauding audience or interview on Oprah. But I did, indeed, come back. I survived. And I learned so so much on the way. What it is to have your life change, to have your dreams threatened, to try to figure out a way to tell the ones you love. What it is to find power and strength in the little successes. To find humor and perpective and laughter in spite of the most trying circumstances of your life.

And to be grateful for what each new day brings, no matter what it might be.

It is with this experience in mind that I feel compelled to return some piece of what I’ve been given.

Every moment I photograph is a moment filled with love. Love of family. Love of spouse. Love of humanity. So when you book a session or a wedding with me, know that 2% of your Basic Brew will always go to the AvonCares Program for Medically Underserved Women so that we can share that love with others.

This incredible program, overseen by CancerCare, provides much needed support services to women with breast and gynecological cancers. While I love and absolutely support the vast fundraising out there for research, I’ve chosen this program specifically because it deals directly with those women who are currently in the fight, trying to figure out how to get treatment, where to leave their children while they take chemo, how to pay the rent when they can’t make it to work.

To learn more about CancerCare and its many programs, please visit

Here’s where I ask you to jump in and take an active role with me!

Cuppa Photography has a Dempsey Challenge Team! The Dempsey Challenge is an amazing weekend long event that takes place every fall to benefit the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing. This incredible center offers everything from support groups, nutritional counseling, yoga, massage, reiki, to a whole slew of other services and resources to ANYONE affected by cancer in any way. And the best part? They offer every single service FREE OF CHARGE. That bears repeating…the Dempsey Center offers all of their services FOR FREE!! Seriously awesome.

When you join the Cuppa Dempsey Challenge team, not only do you get to fundraise for one of the most amazing organizations ever, but I will match your fundraising efforts with a dollar-for-dollar product credit for every penny that you raise for the Center. So, for example, if you join and raise $1000 for our team, I will add $1000 in product credit to your wedding or portrait package. Pretty awesome, right?

Ready to learn more?

Contact me to get the skinny on how to join the team as well as some answers to frequently asked questions!

Find out more about the Patrick Dempsey Center for Hope & Healing!

Find out more about the Dempsey Challenge!

Do you have a charity that is close to your heart? I honor your efforts to make the world a better place for all of us! Let me know about your own charitable acts or donations- I would love to reward your efforts! Contact me to talk about your particular interest!

It is my hope that our contribution together will be a small comfort, a metaphorical “cuppa” tea to someone going through possibly the toughest time of their life. Thank you so much for giving back with me.

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