Meet Cindy

I wish I could tell you a story about how I got my first camera at age 11 and have known since then that photography was going to be my life’s calling, but that wasn’t my path. Instead, my path bent around trees, dipped into valleys, and persevered over mountains (sometimes quite literally!). While photography was always the art form that I connected most strongly to, my journey to it was long and winding and worthwhile.

It was as an outdoor guide that I began my concious appreciation of unparalled beauty and an understanding of what it was to just love what you do.

Later, while working in marketing, I developed the vocabulary to articulate the impact of aesthetics on my sense of well-being and calm.

My fight with cancer taught me how life can change in an instant and how utterly fleeting the moments that shape us can be. It taught me to pay attention.

My desire to impact the larger world led me to law school, and there I learned that, with enough drive and hard work, anything can be accomplished.

And then I picked up a camera.

This is how I capture those fleeting moments, that unparalled beauty. How I hang on just a little longer and share them with those to whom they mean the most. How I pull all of those bits and pieces of my experience together to tell a story…a story of love, a story of beauty, a story of truth, of the human experience, of the natural world, of the small and often overlooked mundane.

My journey to photography, to creativity, to connection, was long and winding and so very worthwhile.

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