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Thankful for…

I have been sitting here trying to think of a way to say all that I’m thankful for in a new and original way. To add my own blessings to the countless numbers of “thank yous” being released out into the universe today in such a way as to not be cliche or trite.

But it turns out that I’m having a hard time caring that much about originality in this instance.

I just want to be thankful and to say a few things out loud to acknowledge the fact of my fortune. That’s it…no preamble or pretense, just gratitude.


Among the many many things that humble me with deep gratitude:

To be alive and loved and have enough to eat each day.

To live in an era and place where I’m recognized as a human and a citizen capable of thought and pursuit.

To be loved.

To have education.

To be loved.

To have access to outdoor spaces and the freedom to wander them without fear.

To be loved.

To have the necessities of life taken care of in such a way as to allow space for dreams, big and small.

To be loved.

To have a home which warms me in the cold of winter and shades me in the heat of summer.

To be loved.

To have had amazing and inspiring people model what it looks like to have the courage to begin again (and again. and again.).

To be loved.

To be loved.

To be loved.

I could not begin to capture in a single blog post even a small fraction of the multitude of incredible things that I feel so so thankful for. So I’ve listed just a few. A few tiny pieces of this life that astounds and moves me and drives me to inch ever closer to the person I aspire to be.

In addition, I just want to thank all of YOU who are reading this little slice of the blogosphere…I know how precious the moments in our lives are and so appreciate that you spend any of them here with me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Good Morning!

I awoke in the dark hours this morning with a yearning so deep for trees and frost and the fog of my breath as I exhale. I swallowed my need as I poured a cup of coffee and reminded myself of the long list of to-dos unchecked on my desk upstairs.



The call of my fifteen hour work days that are the norm in this season bearing down on my wild heart.

I stood for a breath. And then two.

I stood in the predawn light at the threshold of my office trying to ignore the whisper of the forest.

And then I pivoted on my heels and I ran. I ran for my camera and my backpack. For my journal and my sketchbook and my mittens.

For my sanity.

And as the sun crept over world’s edge, I found myself in a stolen hour among old friends who have lost their summer clothes and whose branches now hang exposed and stoic.

And I remembered that I find my best me here.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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BeccaNovember 26, 2013 - 5:47 pm

You are AWESOME. That’s all. Just plain awesome:)

Talitha & Josh: Maine Farm Wedding!!!

Talitha and Josh were married on Josh’s grandparents’ farm in Wells, Maine! Not only was it a gorgeous place to host their big day, but given that Josh’s grandparents were the matchmakers for this dynamic duo, it was a perfect way to bring their story full circle!! From start to finish, their day was just relaxed and so filled with laughter! Their families traveled from all over Maine and from down south, and everyone pitched in to make sure each detail was in place! A fantastic day for a fantastic couple!

Let the fun begin!

GORGEOUS, right?!?!?

Talitha & Josh chose to see each other and connect before their wedding, so we all headed down to the beach!

Beautiful hand-letered chalkboards everywhere…SO awesome!!

Talitha & Josh incorporated a foot-washing ceremony!

I think Josh’s expression before he kissed Talitha was just priceless!!!

AHH!! SO gorgeous!!

Ummm…there may or may not be as many photos of Talitha & Josh’s desserts as there are of them…but between the stunning cake by The Winey Baker and things like “salted caramel brownies” what do you expect?

This little one fell asleep on the sofa and I couldn’t resist her sweetness!!

Thank you for making us part of your day, you guys!!

The vendor team:

Venue: private residence, Wells, ME
DJ: Direct Effect Entertainment Productions
Cake: The Winey Baker
Caterer: Mary Mercier
Celebrant: Shawn Brace
Floral Design: Harmon & Barton’s
Lighting Design: Maine Event Design & Decor
Gown: Sottero & Midgley
Letterpress Invitations: Dunstan Press
Calligraphy: Kathryn Cyr
Tent: Exeter Events & Tents

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AliNovember 21, 2013 - 11:40 pm

What beautiful photos Cindy! And so neat to go through them after meeting Talitha and Josh at your s’more party before the Dempsey Challenge!

egideFebruary 8, 2014 - 12:52 am

Good job !!!photos are dope !!