Amy Jo and Aimee have one of those winding stories that convince you that some people are just meant to be! Their friendship and relationship have survived their share of turmoil and hardship, but- finally!- they will celebrate their wedding next month in their home state of Iowa! I am so excited that the state in which they both grew up took the lead in the midwest to embrace the idea that consenting, committed adults of the same gender have the right to legally share their lives- I hope that soon it will be joined by every other state in our nation. Go Iowa!

Congratulations, Amy Jo & Aimee- I wish you both a beautiful wedding and a wonderful marriage!!


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When I met with Liz and Grant for the first time, Liz described their vision for their wedding as a “barefoot, backyard, bluegrass hoedown.” While I couldn’t have been more excited- I LOVE bluegrass music!- I had some difficulty envisioning the ideas that she and Grant shared with me and worried about such things as weather. As the days leading up to the wedding flew by, the forecast called for rain and my worry increased- especially when I got caught in a downpour on my drive to the wedding!

But as I pulled up to the house, I realized that I need never have worried! There was a beautiful tent set up to provide shelter from the weather, be it rain or sun, and I just can’t go on enough about how impressed I was by the small touches everywhere- candle jars hanging from trees, handpainted stones, fresh strawberries from the farmer’s market, etc. Liz, an avid environmentalist, went to the farmer’s market that morning and bought all of the flowers from a local grower- they were stunning! Grant, a landscape designer and plant genius, had planned and executed a pretty major overhaul of the backyard, and the curves and lines of his work made for a truly gorgeous backdrop. The feel was casual, but perfectly so- it still felt like a wedding, not simply a backyard bbq- but it was intimate and comfortable and the music was phenomenal!

Congratulations, Liz + Grant! We can’t wait to meet baby Turlington!

For the slideshow, click here.


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  • Grant TurlingtonJanuary 20, 2012 - 8:51 pm

    What a phenomenal evening! Thank you.ReplyCancel

Last week was a little crazy in our house…the wonderful crazy that comes with loads of laughter and love and family and life. I officially graduated, shot my first solo wedding, Justin’s parents came to visit from New Hampshire, and my sister popped in from Texas with her boyfriend for a quick stopover all in the same 5 days! It was a little nutty, but I admit that I love nothing more than having my house full of people I love, even if our 900 square feet can barely hold them all!

My sister, Karissa, and James, her boyfriend, came up to North Carolina from Texas to look at some farm properties for a new (really exciting!) venture that they are planning for the coming year. While munching on the world’s best sandwiches at Foster’s, we decided to get some quick and impromptu photos after lunch before they had to head out of town. So we ran to Duke Gardens around the corner at 1:30 in the afternoon for some unplanned photography in the worst possible light of day…a fun challenge to say the least! My sister has always been a ham in front of the camera, but I was impressed that James was such a good sport about it…thanks for the fun session, you guys!!


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Things have been a little nuts, but I wanted to post a sneak peak from Liz + Grant’s wedding on Saturday! I have so much I want to write, but I will save it for the real post (it’s coming soon, I promise!).

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  • Justin GioJune 5, 2009 - 1:36 pm

    I want to see more now. I’ll wait here until that happens.ReplyCancel

  • Gary MobbsJune 1, 2009 - 2:05 am

    Beautiful!!! I wanna see more :)ReplyCancel

Our dog, Pickle, is a dog with attitude. She is an Australian Shepherd/ Cattle Dog mix and she has a lot more cattle dog personality than shepherd. Combine that with her abused puppyhood and her intense dominance issues and we have ourselves a bit of an angry dog sometimes. Don’t get me wrong- she is insanely adorable and sweet as pie 90% of the time…it’s just that 10% that you have to watch out for! Fortunately, after 6 years of our sweet Pickle, we have learned most of her triggers.

Trigger #1: the delivery man. Pickle HATES the delivery man. Fed Ex, UPS, she doesn’t care. Her barking begins long before the truck is anywhere in sight (seriously- it’s crazy…she starts barking like mad 10 minutes before you see or hear anything resembling the delivery truck!) and she is 26 pounds of snarling rage by the time the delivery man approaches the door. I generally have to execute this ridiculous slide maneuver to get out of the front door without her escaping, or biting me, or cracking her skull open as she lunges at the door. We seriously need Cesar Millan!!

While Pickle’s other triggers include dogs her size or larger (small ones scare her silly…puppies? Forget it! She’s hiding behind Justin & shaking in her boots!), riding through our neighborhood in a car (only in our neighborhood though, she’s fine everywhere else), and a bizarre obsession with watching cats (watching, not chasing- she sits stock still for extended periods of time staring at them), this post isn’t really about Pickle…I just wanted the opportunity to talk about my baby and have really long run on sentences in my post!:)

This post is really about closure. The kind of closure that can only come when you’ve executed a slide maneuver past an enraged canine to meet a beautiful man dressed head-to-toe in brown who hands you a perfectly flat 12.5 x 15″ envelope. The kind you have to sign for. Twice. The kind the comes when you gingerly open the envelope and find that it contains just a simple piece of paper. That you paid $100k for.

That’s right, ladies and gents- my law degree arrived today!!


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  • Justin GioJune 5, 2009 - 1:41 pm

    Not only are you the best educated wedding photographer that I know, you generally rock. Congratulations.ReplyCancel