Katie & Ryan recently made the drive up to Maine from their home in New Jersey so that we could play at the fabulous Bradley Inn and the Pemaquid Light for their engagement session! And what a session it was. These guys are simply A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Utterly in love and game for anything, we laughed SO much through the session. Katie shines so brightly and is bursting with energy. Ryan has this calm strength and quiet solidness. Together, they are just right. They fit. And I got to hang out with them all afternoon!

We began at The Bradley Inn, where Katie & Ryan’s wedding will be later this year!


Katie has a tradition that she shares with a young girl who she mentors…they put on Derby hats and have high tea! So Katie has a collection of very fabulous hats! And she knows how to wear them!


Ryan happens to be an exceptionally talented tattoo artist and he claims Katie as his muse! If you are in the market for gorgeous work, check him out! Love!


We headed to the Pemaquid Light for the finale and were treated to a classic, foggy sunset that was full of mystery and magic. I couldn’t get enough of it!


Katie and Ryan, you guys are awesome! Thank you for a seriously great afternoon!!

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  • RenataOctober 28, 2015 - 7:23 am

    I couldn’t didece if I was more entertained or grossed out by your cat snot tweets last night.You pushed me over the edge with your description of it being a cross between something on Hoarders and placenta. I could taste my own vomit. He sneezed once this morning and I totally held my breath, bracing for the worst.ReplyCancel

  • MustaphaOctober 28, 2015 - 6:41 am

    Lynda McAllister – Thank you, Kim. I loved the sneak peek and look forward to seenig all your pics. Also, I really appreciated your personal comment.Thank you! Lynda McAllisterReplyCancel

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  • RyanMay 10, 2015 - 10:45 pm

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  • ShaylaMay 9, 2015 - 8:37 pm

    Wow! These are my favorite getting married photos ever!! They are all fabulous! …I would totally hang the sexy leg one on my wall. How fun and wonderful- so happy to see an amazing, super-talented old friend, celebrating this wonderful lady that he found and this incredible energy that they have. These will be priceless as they continue on through life together! Can’t wait to meet her!

    What a talented photographer!ReplyCancel

  • TerryMay 9, 2015 - 6:41 pm

    The pictures were awesome. You could see Katie’s happiness beaming thru every picture. Ryan should be in for an adventurous life ahead. I liked the Light yellow dress and the wooded background.ReplyCancel

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Dear friends of ours welcomed a new family member recently and I was honored to take some photos of their brand new baby girl and growing family! Between their cozy, gorgeous home and the crazy amount of love that fills it, it was a perfect afternoon. Here is just a tiny taste of my many, many favorites from the day!


Thank you so much, you guys!!! We love your adorable little family so much!!!

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Bethany and Jake are real-deal Canadians…into hockey, good beer, and they are fearless when it comes to getting’ stuff done in sub-zero temperatures! We met up in their hometown outside of Toronto to shoot their engagement photos at a Christmas tree farm that is important to Jake. I absolutely love it when couples incorporate places that are special to them and very separate from their wedding when it comes to engagement sessions…it’s such a great way to tell more of your story and reflect some of the other facets of your life! Knowing that their wedding will take place in coastal Maine, it was so cool to capture some of home for these guys! And, not to brag or anything, but it was -22 degrees for most of the shoot (it got even colder at the end!) and these guys rocked it without complaint. Yeah, dog.

Speaking of dogs (how do like that segue!?)…in case I hadn’t already been convinced of their awesome-ness factor, Bethany and Jake are crazy in love with their fur-babies! You know I’m a sucker for dogs and the people who love them, and these guys totally fit that bill!! I can’t wait to see the fluff balls all dressed up for the wedding next year! Love love love.

Now…onto the good stuff! Bethany and Jake, y’all!


Don’t forget…while I am not posting very often over here on Cuppa anymore, there is a lot happening over at Cindy Giovagnoli and on the blog there…stop over for a visit to see some recent work from El Salvador and Belize and look for more adventures from around the world and close to home coming soon!

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A little more than a year ago, I began to wonder. I wondered if it always really made sense to share some of my random thoughts here on what is, really, a wedding and family portrait site. I wondered where things like my travel photography fit in and the bits of editorial and stock. I wondered how to accommodate the amazing people who approached me about purchasing some of my travel images for display in their own homes. I wondered what it might look like to create a landing place for not only my “other” photography, but the rest of my passions and the writing that I’ve wanted to share here, but seemed out of place.

So I began to brainstorm. And sketch out ideas. I drove Justin batty as I attempted to articulate what I wanted to build, repeating and honing concepts off the sounding board of his endlessly patient ear. When I began to have a general, but increasingly concrete  vision in mind, I reached out to Kelsy Stromski of Refinery 43. You may remember Kelsy’s drop-dead-unbelievably-stunning wedding, but what you may not have realized is that she is a brilliant, creative, intuitive, and simply all-around amazing designer and branding consultant.  Long before any signs of a logo began, there were illuminating discussions as Kelsy pushed me to refine my vision over and over, until I had clearly defined what was at the heart of this endeavor. That process was unbelievably rewarding in and of itself!

And so.

Here we are.

Launch day.

I am shaking in my proverbial {winter!} boots as I put this new baby out into the world. Head over to the new site if you’d like to see what all this fuss was about, what all these months of work have built. I hope you’ll hang out for a minute and spend a little time checking things out.


There’s a new blog and that is where I’ll be posting with much greater frequency from this point forward. But don’t worry, Cuppa isn’t going anywhere!

Cuppa will continue to feature my wedding and portrait photography. My packages and process haven’t changed with the exception that I will be posting far less frequently to this site. Over the next few months, I will likely be honing in on the places on this site that could use a bit of improvement and look forward to providing a better user experience here.



In the meantime, I hope you’ll pour yourself a fresh cuppa and join me as I launch into this next chapter! I’m so, so, SO appreciative of the unwavering support you guys have shown me all these years! Without it, I’m not sure that this small dream would have had the space to take root.

Thank you!



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