Waking up to the world blanketed in sparkling snow is one of those experiences in life that is truly magical regardless of how many times it happens. Each one is somehow new and imbued with its very own potential. The slate is clean, the messy footprints and mud of life overcome by the power of nature, of seasons and cycles, by the whitewash of untouched snow.

I’m reminded of this quote:

“There is something joyful about storms that interrupt routine. Snow or freezing rain suddenly releases you from expectations, performance demands, and the tyranny of appointments and schedules. And unlike illness, it is largely a corporate rather than individual experience. One can almost hear a unified sigh rise from the nearby city and surrounding countryside where Nature has intervened to give respite to the weary humans slogging it out within her purview. All those affected this way are united by a mutual excuse, and the heart is suddenly and unexpectedly a little giddy. There will be no apologies needed for not showing up to some commitment or other. Everyone understands and shares in this singular justification, and the sudden alleviation of the pressure to produce makes the heart merry.”

~Wm. Paul Young, The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity

Indeed, to be released from expectations…maybe that is why there is such inherent restfulness in snowfall, or perhaps because it connects us to the deeper slumber of the natural world in winter, the necessary renewal before the bursting forth of spring.

We woke Sunday to the joyful return of winter to Maine. After the bizarre warmth of the last weeks that melted away our December stockpile of snow, I thrilled to see fat flakes clinging to the icy windowpanes. After getting a crackling fire going in the woodstove and savoring a “cuppa”, we headed out the door for Tessie’s morning walk and I brought my camera along since I find our neighborhood a transcendent place in the swirl!


I hope you are staying warm and toasty in this bitter cold! Happy Thursday!

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  • aliJanuary 28, 2014 - 1:04 am

    Awww, I love the photo of Tessy squinting!ReplyCancel

You may remember Roger from his high school senior portraits a couple of years ago! Well…he’s all grown up now and has begun the process of putting his talent for music out into the world! We headed down to Wolfe’s Neck State Park to shoot a few pics for his upcoming album and couldn’t have had a better fall day!
_Roger_Weeks_Sunburnt_Wolfes_Neck_Maine_Coast_Music-065I just love his smile!

Thanks so much, Roger!!

{For updates on Roger’s album release and new work, be sure to check out his Facebook page!}

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Howdy, Strangers! I’ll bet you guys thought I’d decided to take 2014 off completely! I hope that all of you had a fantastic holiday season and that the new year is starting off right for you!!

I have a TON of fabulous things coming at you over the next week or two…some wonderful snowy sessions as well as info for the 2014 Cuppa Dempsey Challenge Team and a peek at some of the exciting things that are in the works for the coming year!

To start things with a bang, I am so excited to share this awesome family portrait session right here in Freeport!! I had an absolute blast spending the morning with the “N” family!! Give me two rambunctious little boys and parents who are not only loving and engaged toward their children but also toward one another  any day of the week…seriously, this is one amazing family!

Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-246“M” is a very talented writer and artist and has passed her passion on to her boys! Her studio space is calm and bright….love!
Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-249“A” was especially motivated while I was there {I think I was too big a distraction to “J”!}…he was totally focused!
Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-251After a quiet painting session with mom, it was time to wrestle with dad!
Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-256We grabbed some headshots of “M” as well as sneaking in a few shots of mom and dad in love while the boys had a snack!
Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-261Then we went outside to play!!! It was actually bitterly cold on this sunny morning and I so appreciate the entire family’s enthusiasm to head out anyway!
Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-264Love love LOVE!
Freeport_Maine_Family_Photographer_Snow_Winter-267The Maine coast is such an incredible place…we are so lucky to live here!


Happy Friday, everyone!! It’s good to be back!

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  • AliJanuary 18, 2014 - 1:58 am

    Those kids are adorable! Looks like a fun session!ReplyCancel

Happy Holidays!!!!

This time of year can feel overwhelming and hectic and it is my sincerest wish that each of you is able to find a moment of stillness amidst the chaos! Like many of you, we will be traveling to see family and friends this week and look forward to lots of hugs and overdue conversations! I can’t wait.

I’m also really excited to sit down and reflect on the year gone by and carefully consider what I’d like my 2014 to be about. Where do I want to see growth? Who do I aspire to be in this moment? Where are my values and how can I make my life more honestly reflect them? I love this process and plan to dedicate the next few weeks to hunkering down with some big questions and digging deep for some answers that feel real and true and honest. It can be so easy for me to confuse my true desires with those I feel are expected of me and I want to do the work to break through my perceptions of myself and what I want to find my truth, whatever that might look like.

I know that many of you are doing some of this hard work as well and want to share some of my very favorite places to begin:

~ If you’ve never been on Lara Casey‘s phenomenal website, be sure to check it out. My process this year will begin by working through her “Power Sheets” and evaluating my true priorities.

~ I love the reflective nature of Susannah Conway‘s “Unravelling The Year Ahead“…her downloadable worksheets and planner are free and if you are looking for some soul work, many of her e-courses are wonderful and gentle structures for getting down and dirty into your nitty gritty!

~ When it comes down to the hard and fast goal setting and planning, I love Chris Guillebeau’s “Year in Review” process. I’m a HUGE fan of his blog and resources to start with {following him on Twitter was how we found out about a crazy travel deal that scored us insanely cheap airline tickets to Italy and India for this year!! He’s awesome!}

It can be SO fun and stimulating and rewarding to go through this process of evaluation and goal-setting.

Equally important to me, however, will be to engage as fully as I can in the next week with the community of love and support that I am so very fortunate to have. I want to be present. I want to pause in the middle of the insanity that is a Giovagnoli Christmas Eve to let the gratitude for family and friends sink into my soul.

We made it through another year, y’all.

For all the good times and bad times and hard times and moments of pure joy, we are here.

We are alive.

We are breathing.

And even if that is the only thing that we can be sure of in this quiet moment, let it be enough.

Let it be a blessing to be grateful for.

Thank you all for such a phenomenal year!!! I will be out of my office until Monday, January 6th! While I will be checking my email intermittently, I am planning to spend as much of that time as possible unplugged and connecting with my loved ones. I will be playing in the snow and laughing over steaming mugs of coffee. I will be catching up on the ever growing pile of books on my nightstand and scribbling in my journal. I will be resting up so that when I come back, I can offer you the best of who I am and what I have to offer.

See you in 2014!!

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Happy Winter Solstice!! I hope you have cozy plans on this shortest day of the year!! I have a rare Saturday edition for a little solstice treat!

You likely remember Ashley & Jay from their Boston engagement session! We decided to split their session into two short ones and include their gorgeous wedding venue, Laudholm Farm, for the second session!! I am SO excited to shoot their wedding here next year…we just has such a great time! I’m going to dive right in…

Seriously…I can’t get enough of the tall grass goodness…SOOO lush!!

I just love Jay’s smile!

One of my favorite shots EVER!!!


Thanks for making the trip up and for the GORGEOUS blown glass pumpkin, you guys!!! Have an amazing holiday!!

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  • Ginny MenardDecember 30, 2013 - 9:01 am

    These pictures are amazing Ashely & Jay..Laudholm Farm is one of my
    favorite spots..now it will have special meaning too! Can’t wait till August.ReplyCancel

  • MBDecember 21, 2013 - 8:21 pm

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple! Breathtaking scenery, too.ReplyCancel

  • SherylDecember 21, 2013 - 8:13 pm

    Best couple everReplyCancel

  • Paula IsgroDecember 21, 2013 - 4:11 pm

    What awesome pictures of two people that I love with all my heart!! Can’t wait until August 9th. <3ReplyCancel

  • Pat SmithDecember 21, 2013 - 3:06 pm

    Beautiful couple…gorgeous photos!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley GoreDecember 21, 2013 - 1:30 pm

    Thank you (again!) We love all the pictures and can’t wait until we are back at Laudholm this summer :)ReplyCancel