Congratulations on your engagement!! I know that this is such an exciting time for you!!

My wedding day was one of the most important days of my entire life. We declared not only our love, but our commitment, partnership, and our resolve to face life as a team in front of those people who mean the most to us. We, as adults, made our choice in one another official. Our wedding day was the beginning of our family, built upon the foundation of the life that we were creating together.

I spent hours pouring over details and agonizing over each one. The invitations. The cake. The guestlist. I wanted everything to be as perfect as possible, to create a day that was beautiful, meaningful, and memorable. The friends and family that attended will likely never all gather together in the same place at the same moment again and I wanted them to know how much it meant to us that they traveled to share in our day. I wanted the commitment that we were making to one another to be set against a backdrop that distinguished it from other days and other moments. So you’d better believe that I wanted a photographer who could capture those details, people, and moments!

When it was all over, when the fabulous day was done, I thought I remembered it clearly, that I had been totally “with it” the entire night. And then I saw my photographer’s images. My wedding day burst back to life- the emotion, the details, the feel of that incredible day just washed over me as I looked at moment after moment captured for all time.

Thank you for considering Cuppa as you plan your own day! I understand how valuable it is to you and feel privileged to have the opportunity to share it!!

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